PONGS® | With passion and confidence

Expertise, creativity and a pioneering innovative edge have made us a leading international company for textile products. A second generation owner-managed company, we successfully combine traditional handicrafts with high-tech while ensuring ecological balance.

We supply our products to various interconnected market segments that complement each other perfectly. As a result, we, but particularly our customers, benefit from knowledge sharing and synergies relating to quality, flexibility, delivery times and costs.

Our passion for the product and close relationship with the customer ensures the success of our consultancy service. Know-how, innovative strength and technical equipment enable the targeted development of products and holistic solutions for specific applications. This gives us a unique position within the market.

From thread to finished product: PONGS provides a complete textile concept.

Made in Germany.

Fake products in circulation!

Currently, counterfeit products in faked packaging accomanied by faked certificates appear on the market. Enclosed, please find some comparative examples of original and faked products.

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Our basis | Quality and experience

Production | Made in Germany

Quality and reliability are the basis for good partnerships in this era of global markets. Here at Pongs, we have been producing high-quality and well-designed technical textiles for three generations.

One of Europe’s most modern textile production plants enables us to find new solutions together with our customers.

Innovation | Personified

Our customers are creative and have ideas and visions. The development of pioneering materials, tailored to your applicational needs, forms the basis for new concepts.

Much is talked about innovation. We embody it.

Fields | of activity

PONGS is a leading manufacturer of technical and decorative textiles, textile digital print media and print solutions perfectly adapted to them. Our products are used in a wide range of fields. These include interior design and store design, trade fair, event, stage and theatre outfitting, visual merchandising and decoration, large-format printing, printing solutions and customer-specific technical applications. Beyond simply the product, we also offer a comprehensive consultancy service, developing and implementing complete concepts.

Freedom for your creativity | PONGS® concepts and solutions

We help you to implement your creative ideas: With comprehensive advice and the right product for your specific needs. In doing so we adopt a holistic approach and provide everything you need to implement your project successfully from advice and creation through to material manufacture.

Facts | Information

Products | Versions


Textile versions

Colours, patterns and textures. We offer an unprecedented range of products for creative decoration. We produce extravagant interior accessories from the finest materials.

Maximum | Width


Widths are measured in centimetres

Stage, theatre or event: Large surfaces need large textile formats. We supply fabric widths of up to 620 cm and almost infinite lengths. Manufactured in Germany.

Production | Capacity


Textile square metres

Well over 22.8 million square metres of woven and knitted fabrics are produced at the company’s site in Mühltroff every year. On state-of-the-art production machinery, finished to a high standard, digitally printed and made to measure.

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PONGS® | Newsletter

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HP | Printed Interiors Forum

Printing interiors provides lots of creative possibilities. Recently, Hewlett Packard hosted the Printed Interiors Forum in Barcelona for digital influencers. Among them: PONGS.

Bee Elastic | reversible stretchability

Bee Elastic | Highly elastic knitted fabric with a mesh visual effect. Digitally printable, spinkler compliant and thus perfectly suitable for textile fair construction..

Avalon | each object is unique

Avalon | Highly emotional illuminated object. The sculpted textile surface is interwoven with metal threads, digitally printable.

Soundleaves® | prize-winning

Soundleaves® | Leaf-shaped elements intended to enhance the quality of surrounding sounds. Covered with acoustic textiles SILENCIO® and AKUTEX®. Awarded with the Red Dot Design Award.

Lacquer film on the catwalk

80s style on the catwalk of Italian beachwear label CALZEDONIA: an XL tape player laminated with flashy lacquer film by PONGS. Staged by our partner Scena4.

FESPA 2017 Hamburg

FESPA Hamburg – Dare to print different! The largest, all-encompassing event covering digital wide format, textile printing and signage.

Techtextil 2017

Techtextil 2017

Techtextil Frankfurt – Connecting the future! Techtextil is the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens showing the full range of potential uses of textile technologies.

Smart media centre with XL prints

Drive up, lift up, get started: The ShowBox is cleverly equipped with six different functions for multi media fair presentations or racy roadshows. Including brilliant advertising messages in XL format, printed on Flag Supreme by PONGS.

Plauen I Past meets present

Floor-to-ceiling reproductions of historical photographies decorate the foyer of the new administrative district office in Plauen, Saxony. Digitally pinted on DESCOR by PONGS.