On our own behalf | Please note

On our own behalf | Fake products in circulation!

Currently, counterfeit products in faked packaging accomanied by faked certificates appear on the market. Enclosed, please find some comparative examples of original and faked products.

Product piracy is a criminal act which harms the economy at large scale. Only through research and development, a well-engineered production methods and not least with due regard to ethical principles, companies can achieve a high standard of quality.

PONGS® is such a company.

Cheap counterfeits jeopardize our company’s reputation. They are also harmful to your business:

Please bear in mind that you can be made liable for any personal and material damage resulting from the application of falsified products.

PONGS® will have prosecuted all cases of product piracy.

It’s in all our interests. Please support our efforts to prevent product piracy!
Buy originals only! Please report any conspicuities related to our registered trademarks you might observe.

If you have any doubts with regard to the authenticity of goods, please contact us!

Sample | for fake products