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Printed Interior Decoration

Printed Interior Decoration Conference returns to Düsseldorf with lots of innovations and solutions for interior design.

Inprintura | New trade forum for print and textile

The new trade forum for print and textile - Inprintura - powered by MIMAKI is takes place on 7th and 8th of March 2018 in Chemnitz.

Trevira CS Club I Silver Member 2018

The innovative European manufacturer of high-value branded fibres and filament yarns, Trevira GmbH, ...



Preprograf shows besides textiles for digital printing parts of the interior collection by PONGS® as well.

Trade fair I SGI Dubai 2018

At SGI Sign & Graphic Imaging trade fair in Dubai, Flex-Europa presented lots of textiles by PONGS® amongst their innovative solutions for visual communication and digital printing.

Heimtextil 2018

Heimtextil 2018

As a season opener Heimtextil introduces new trends and textile innovations. Visit PONGS® at HP stand.

Textile I built of bricks

The association of textile and clothing industry in north-west of Germany e.V. built a spectacular new administration building in Münster.

Let there be light I with Shape

Prettiest installation by Kubach & Klings Werbetechnik GmbH is going to be a real eye catcher thanks to the effective combination of light, colour and our reversible shapeable textile called Shape.

New edition I The PONGS® Print Pad

The PONGS® Print Pad is a perfect companion when traveling; filled with the most important technical information of all fabrics from PONGS® suitable for digital printing. From now on our practical sample folder also includes our recent product developments.

HP | Certificate

HP | Certificate

HP latex durable textiles: Five textiles from PONGS® received a worldwide new certificate.

Bright prospects | Copenhagen

Not only diamonds shining bright at Klarlund Jewellery Store in Copenhagen ...

Education | Working with PONGS

Excellent: Maike Geuking finishes her training as management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade at PONGS textile.

HP | Printed Interiors Forum

Printing interiors provides lots of creative possibilities. Recently, Hewlett Packard hosted the Printed Interiors Forum in Barcelona for digital influencers. Among them: PONGS.

Bee Elastic | reversible stretchability

Bee Elastic | Highly elastic knitted fabric with a mesh visual effect. Digitally printable, spinkler compliant and thus perfectly suitable for textile fair construction..

Avalon | each object is unique

Avalon | Highly emotional illuminated object. The sculpted textile surface is interwoven with metal threads, digitally printable.

Soundleaves® | prize-winning

Soundleaves® | Leaf-shaped elements intended to enhance the quality of surrounding sounds. Covered with acoustic textiles SILENCIO® and AKUTEX®. Awarded with the Red Dot Design Award.

Lacquer film on the catwalk

80s style on the catwalk of Italian beachwear label CALZEDONIA: an XL tape player laminated with flashy lacquer film by PONGS. Staged by our partner Scena4.

FESPA 2017 Hamburg

FESPA Hamburg – Dare to print different! The largest, all-encompassing event covering digital wide format, textile printing and signage.

Techtextil 2017

Techtextil 2017

Techtextil Frankfurt – Connecting the future! Techtextil is the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens showing the full range of potential uses of textile technologies.

Smart media centre with XL prints

Drive up, lift up, get started: The ShowBox is cleverly equipped with six different functions for multi media fair presentations or racy roadshows. Including brilliant advertising messages in XL format, printed on Flag Supreme by PONGS.

Plauen I Past meets present

Floor-to-ceiling reproductions of historical photographies decorate the foyer of the new administrative district office in Plauen, Saxony. Digitally pinted on DESCOR by PONGS.

Recharge your energy!

Take a seat and start the dialogue! On cushions printed in corporate colours at the Innogy- Handelsblatt-conference in Berlin. Digital printing and textile get along perfectly.

NEULAND I Mysterium Event

Spectacular music, dance and light performance at Kraftwerk Berlin. Projection screens and textile frames for ...

Perfect acoustics | for Joliette

Textile ceiling DESCOR with beautiful prints in the course of the seasons adds a splash of colour to a Canadian elementary school.

Valencia | The esthetics of acoustics

SILENCIO panels imprinted with images from the historic barrio – the borough – embellish the Vinoblanco restaurant in Valencia ...

Cologne | artist Claudia Kremer

Currently the unrivaled eyecatcher in the workshop of Cologne based artist Claudia Kremer: the textile wall covering DESCOR ...

DESCOR® | AD Intérieurs Paris

Each year the most prestigious interior designers worldwide accept the invitation of French magazine AD to spark off a firework of colours and shapes ...

Raumplus and PONGS

Raumplus and PONGS

Raumplus is synonymous with intelligent room design featuring sliding doors. For cabinet and storage space solutions or partitions in homes, hotels and offices.

Sculptures | in textile guise

Celestial bodies and other fancyful characters become a festive walking act. The lush costumes were tailored from fabrics from PONGS.

New Year’s Eve | 12,5 % discount. Only from December 5th-9th, 2016.

Decorative fabrics for mesmerizing party backdrops


Smart deals, you wouldn’t want to miss! The clock ticks …

BOUDOIR | An epitome of luxury

Velvet is an epitome of luxury. Even today. Pleasant to the touch with a subtle gloss that changes depending on the incident light.

Mimicking nature

Mimicking nature

Modelled on real leather: Our new NON LEATHER collection stands out due to its authentic look and a pleasant feel.



From 25 to 29 October 2016, PONGS will exhibit at ORGATEC, the leading trade fair for modern work environments in Cologne. The central topic of our presentation is acoustics.

DirectTex® Artist Mambo

PONGS produces the best backlighting media in the world. A top product in this field is the new Artist Mambo with excellent light diffusion.

AKUTEX®: How great is your sound?

Optimising room acoustics is one of the major topics for the future. With AKUTEX® we have a flexible


High-end textile for wall and ceiling covering with integrated hygiene technology

Softimage banner

Textile digital print medium with unique properties: free of stress-whitening and black marks, crease-resistant.

Good. Better. SUPERIOR!

With SUPERIOR we have developed a lightweight textile (95 g/m²) with outstanding product characteristics. 

Today, let’s do the Mambo

With DirectTex Artist Mambo, PONGS is launching a premium product in the backlighting segment that is ideal for almost all printing processes.



Flag Supreme by Pongs goes football! An XXL flag is on its way to UEFA EURO 2016 in France!

Textile covering for KölnSKY

Large-format textile digital printing: The PONGS Group has produced an XXL textile print for KölnSKY.



The first acoustic fabric with a three-dimensional look. Not only are the sound waves absorbed, they are also broken up with a positive impact on sound perception.


With DESCOR, the innovative system for textile interiors, PONGS® is taking wall and ceiling design to a whole new level.

Are you familiar with Strohlamé?

The lightweight, semi-sheer material made from 100% cellulose is available in numerous pastel and bright colours.

AKUTEX®: Now colour comes into play

AKUTEX, the all-rounder among acoustic textiles is known all too well. Now colour comes into play.

Colour progression from fully saturated to white

Innovative, textile wall and ceiling design.

Art event in Port Adriano

Art event in Port Adriano on Majorca launched by the AHOY Port Gallery.

SILENCIO® acoustic panels

New ceiling panels covered at PONGS Stadtlohn.

Textile wall covering

Textile wall covering with DESCOR gradient, a colour progression with aluminium particles that reflect incident light.